Speaklight, LLC offers consulting and strategic planning for achieving individual and organizational success.


We bring resources to developing organizations and provide strategic planning to persons experiencing challenges in personal and professional performance.









The Speaklight community defines success as high performance and balance in our physical, mental, spiritual, financial, creative, and social selves.


In life, we are constantly competing to balance these layers of our identity. Maintaining our body, mind, spirit, money, expressive needs, and relationships are crucial to having a high quality life, experiences, and happiness.


Success is not a finite moment or destination, but a process that happens over time, into infinity. Daily, we practice sleeping, washing, eating, studying, working, playing, praying, and more to “stay in charge” of our livelihood and safety.



Our Goals


We believe in a community powered by synergy-small parts working together to achieve something greater than us all. 


Empower people through physical, mental, spiritual, financial, creative, and social development.


 Use research, planning and action to achieve measurable growth.


Introduce, educate, connect people with support to set and accomplish goals.

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DeMario Hardmon-Fort
Founder & CEO | Educator | Coordinator | Advocate | Consultant

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